Ki Kubari – External Mindfulness and Martial Awareness

Recently – and most notably at this year’s Cherry Blossom seminar at the Shobukan Dojo in D.C., Saotome Sensei has been using the term “kikubari.”  Over a private visit with Sensei, I and a few others (Don Ellingsworth, and Gary and Ania Small) had the opportunity to visit with Sensei about the term, and why […]

The Secret Wisdom of Soap Bubbles

Back in the early nineties I spent a little time with a zazen study group, practicing and learning the art of Zen meditation.  I learned a lot, but one of the most valuable lessons I received was about how to let go of the things my subconscious would throw up in order to hang on […]

In Search of the Divine Sword

O Sensei told us we must seek to make our techniques all divine techniques, but we overlook the mystery and mastery in techniques that happen to every one of us every time we train. In Zen Buddhism, the principle of mushin can be interpreted as “everyday mind”, implying that a sublimely, deeply unified state of spirituality is […]

Battlefield Zen – Embracing The Storm

Inner Peace Versus Outer Peace There is an old story about a hermit who lived on top of a lonely mountain, and sought to find true inner peace and harmony with the universe. After years of meditating under waterfalls and listening only to silence, he felt he had found what he sought, and decided to […]