Since 2000, the SouthEast Yudansha (black belt) Preparation Workshop has helped ASU students prepare for their black belt tests and bring out their best confidence and performance.  The Workshop was the first formally recognized seminar series recognized by ASU for test preparation, and is now part of a family of formal preparation seminars taught across the US annually by senior ASU instructors.  The Workshop is hosted at the Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay Dojo, and is taught by Ueshiba Juku instructors Sensei Guy Hagen, Sensei Don Ellingsworth, and Sensei Melissa Bell. The purpose of the Workshop is to provide concrete instruction and advice, in advance of testing for shodan, nidan, and sandan in the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. This annual Workshop is held in July, and timed to build toward the annual Regional Testing Seminar in August.

Students train with other candidates, experience mock (practice) tests, and receive feedback regarding composure, spirit, and how to polish their presentation and performance for a more confident and successful black belt test. The Workshop Series has helped dozens of candidates have better tests, and was established to give students confidence for what is expected, to feel “test level” pressure in a safe feedback environment, to build cross-dojo “peer” friendships, and to receive instruction on technical execution and composure oriented toward testing criteria (versus seminar or dojo practice).  Students may also receive video copies of their mock tests to review with their own instructors and peers.

Information on upcoming Workshop events can be found on our Facebook page, or clips from past Workshops can be found on our YouTube channel. For information regarding upcoming Yudansha Prep Workshops, please visit the ASU event calendar.