Our School

The name for our school, “Aikido Chuseikan” was given to us by Saotome Sensei.  “Chu Sei Kan” signifies sincerity, honesty, and loyalty, and has much of the same meaning as the calligraphy for “Bu Shi Do.”  It also shares the same significance as “Ji On Juku”, which usually translated as “Academy of Warrior Spirit” implies more than just discipline and courage but also service to the greater community.  “Chu Sei Kan” recognizes our lineage, origin, and loyalty to Messores Shihan, Saotome Shihan, and the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba organization.

Our school was born out of a shared vision by the two Founders, Guy Hagen Sensei and Don Ellingsworth Sensei.  As students of Messores Shihan, Hagen Sensei and Ellingsworth Sensei “came up through the ranks” together, challenged each other, trained hard together for decades, and built a deep friendship that helped each to become a much better Aikido practitioner than they could have become alone.  Together, they hope to bring that energy and spirit to this school, and hope that their students train together, build a family of deep and lasting friendships, and help each other raise to ever higher standards of excellence.