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Ten Steps to Michi: Practical Spirituality In The Dojo

Michi – “the Way” – can meaningfully describe our martial practice if we define it as pursuing spiritual integrity, the extent to which our ideals match our behavior under pressure. To accomplish this, we must create

¿Que crea un increíble maestro de Aikido?

Recientemente, me propuse revisar algunos videos de lo que las personas parecen considerar como demostraciones “increíbles” de maestros de Aikido. Mi objetivo simplemente era observar que atributos tenían en común, que características inspiran a personas

What Makes An Amazing Aikido Teacher?

Recently, I set out to review a lot of videos of what people seem to be holding up as “amazing aikido” teachers and demonstrations.  My goal was simply to observe what attributes they had in

Multiple Attacker Tactics

I have spent the last ten years experimenting with and developing a system of tactics for multiple attacker situations (randori, or “taninzugaki”).  My objectives included building clear building block concepts (principles) tied to terminology and

Student Retention Lessons from Behavioral Wellness Theory

One of the biggest problems that doctors have faced since the dawn of medicine has been “patient compliance” – encouraging patients to follow through with courses of treatment, medicine, physical therapy, and lifestyle change that

‘Train Through The Pain” Versus Using Your Brain

Finding the Willpower To Transcend Pain And Discomfort Is The First Key to Excellence There is a universal philosophy in martial arts, “train through the pain” (pain is just weakness leaving the body). I’ve trained

Tips for New Teachers

By Guy Hagen and Sharon Hainsfurther Maybe you’ve been there: Your teacher asks you to cover class, or to take a spot on the regular instruction schedule. You say yes – but then the flood

Aikido Vs. MMA: The Unflinching Comparison

Recently, a fellow Aikido teacher shared a video with me of a YouTube commentator evaluating Aikido videos.  In general, this commentator expressed incredulity and disdain regarding what he saw of Aikido as a fighting art.  As