Seminar: 2015 ASU Regional Testing Seminar

We hope you will join us for the 11th Annual ASU regional yudansha testing seminar! This year, the University of South Florida will be hosting the eleventh annual Aikido Schools of Ueshiba Regional Testing seminar featuring instruction and examination by a panel of ASU godan, rokudan, and nanadan instructors and featuring senior ASU Shihan instructors. […]

Seminar: 2015 Yudansha Prep Workshop

This July 18 and 19, all ASU students preparing for their shodan, nidan, and sandan examinations are invited to join us for our fifth annual Yudansha Prep Workshop series.  These Workshops have helped dozens of candidates have more confidence, build friendships with their testing peers, and to perform tests they were proud of.  Participants will […]