We hope you will join us for the 11th Annual ASU regional yudansha testing seminar! This year, the University of South Florida will be hosting the eleventh annual Aikido Schools of Ueshiba Regional Testing seminar featuring instruction and examination by a panel of ASU godan, rokudan, and nanadan instructors and featuring senior ASU Shihan instructors. This seminar is officially approved for ASU shodan, nidan, and sandan examinations.

This seminar rotates each year between Shindai Aikikai (Orlando), the ASU Sarasota Dojo, and Tampa Florida. Its purpose is to foster fellowship among dojos, to provide a memorable forum for testing black belt candidates from ASU dojos and to have these respected senseis share their expectations and knowledge about what it means to prepare for and become an Aikido black belt. Qualified yudansha candidates from any ASU dojo are invited to test. Registration fees are $75 for the entire weekend.

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