‘Train Through The Pain” Versus Using Your Brain

Finding the Willpower To Transcend Pain And Discomfort Is The First Key to Excellence There is a universal philosophy in martial arts, “train through the pain” (pain is just weakness leaving the body). I’ve trained in a number of martial arts, and this credo insinuated itself into my thinking before I ever noticed.  I have […]

Saotome Sensei, And Getting Stuck On The Mountain

We’ve all heard training in a martial art compared to the metaphor of climbing a mountain.  The metaphor provides an inspiring and instructive image, but Saotome Sensei has some cautionary words about dangerous potential mental pitfalls it poses for teachers. The Mountain Metaphor The metaphor of “climbing a mountain” is one used in many martial arts.  It […]

Martial Arts, Martial Sports, and Martial Journeys

“Martial arts” is a generic tern, which in most peoples’ minds includes any kind of physical activity with elements of self-defense or prepares against some kind of physical violence.  However, I think it causes a lot of confusion to lump all systems, styles, and activities together, and in the end drives away potential students who cannot […]

What Really Makes Aikido Stand Out From All Other Martial Arts

There are a lot of aspects to Aikido that make it distinct from all other martial arts; its moral foundation and objectives, its prioritization of spiritual discipline, its emphasis on takemusu (infinite expression) and principle over technique, and of course its unique perspective of indirect solutions to aggression.  Many might also argue that its study of […]

Battlefield Zen – Embracing The Storm

Inner Peace Versus Outer Peace There is an old story about a hermit who lived on top of a lonely mountain, and sought to find true inner peace and harmony with the universe. After years of meditating under waterfalls and listening only to silence, he felt he had found what he sought, and decided to […]

2013 Nidan Promotions

On December 30, 2013, three members of the Aikido Chuseikan community were tested in front of a panel of shihan (master instructors) and promoted to nidan (2nd degree black belt). Each expressed confidence, bearing, and their own personalities, and made our Dojo proud. The tremendous focus and preparation they undertook was clear in the quality […]

Perception and Injury, and the Martial Artist’s Road to Healing

Human perception is amazing. If a thumbtack got stuck in you, you would yelp and try to remove it. If you couldn’t remove it by any means, within a week you would grow to spend part of your day not thinking about the discomfort it causes you. Within a month, you would start permanently distorting […]

Open House Photos

Toivo Voll took some fantastic photos from our Open House on March 9th – be sure to check them out on our Facebook page our his Shadowfantasy gallery site! The following slideshow photos were provided courtesy of Davis Houdek. [nivoslider id=”595″]

Aikido Classes Now Starting in our New Ybor City Dojo!

Aikido Chuseikan is now officially open and classes have started. We are now accepting interested students at all levels from beginner to advanced – adults and children – to sign up and drop in to visit and train with us Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Please see our calendar for the full schedule. See you […]