Kenji Ushiro Shihan: We Must Think Like Thieves

Kenji Ushiro Shihan is one of the most preeminent instructors of Karate-do alive today. He holds the rank and titles of 8th dan / Hanshi of Soshinkan Karatedo, 7th dan / Kyoshi of Iaido in the All-Japan Kendo Federation, and Founder and instructor of the Jissen Juku in Tokyo, Japan. I met him in 2005 […]

What Really Makes Aikido Stand Out From All Other Martial Arts

There are a lot of aspects to Aikido that make it distinct from all other martial arts; its moral foundation and objectives, its prioritization of spiritual discipline, its emphasis on takemusu (infinite expression) and principle over technique, and of course its unique perspective of indirect solutions to aggression.  Many might also argue that its study of […]