Martial Arts, Martial Sports, and Martial Journeys

“Martial arts” is a generic tern, which in most peoples’ minds includes any kind of physical activity with elements of self-defense or prepares against some kind of physical violence.  However, I think it causes a lot of confusion to lump all systems, styles, and activities together, and in the end drives away potential students who cannot […]

Sensei Bruce Bookman: Why Aikido Is The Hardest Martial Art

This article was written with Bookman Sensei, and based upon an interview with him during his visit to Tampa in February 2016.   Every martial art I have trained in besides Aikido has some common mindsets.  In particular, there is the assumption that we can always control our partner and the situation, and if we don’t […]

Ten Tips for Picking the Best Martial Art School

How do I Choose the Right Martial Art School for Me and My Family? You are about to make an important and lasting decision.  You intuitively understand that picking a martial art has more implications for long-term mental and physical health then just picking a gym or fitness activity. You probably don’t know much about […]

2013 Nidan Promotions

On December 30, 2013, three members of the Aikido Chuseikan community were tested in front of a panel of shihan (master instructors) and promoted to nidan (2nd degree black belt). Each expressed confidence, bearing, and their own personalities, and made our Dojo proud. The tremendous focus and preparation they undertook was clear in the quality […]