‘Train Through The Pain” Versus Using Your Brain

Finding the Willpower To Transcend Pain And Discomfort Is The First Key to Excellence There is a universal philosophy in martial arts, “train through the pain” (pain is just weakness leaving the body). I’ve trained in a number of martial arts, and this credo insinuated itself into my thinking before I ever noticed.  I have […]

Balance From Destruction: Secret Teachings of O Sensei

The term koppojutsu (“bone technique”) is most frequently used in traditional Japanese martial arts to refer to “breaking” techniques.  They are the joint-breaking techniques of koryu Jujitsu and Ninjutsu, and the kicks and strikes of old form Karate designed to break bones and ribs.  For the purposes of this article, koppo specifically implies the intentional study and practice of the ability to harm and destroy, in […]

Shihan Mitsugi Saotome and the Healing Breath

In 2013, I was visiting with Saotome Sensei at his Aiki Ranch in Sarasota over lunch. We took our conversation into a stroll through the acres of beautifully landscaped property surrounding the Aiki Shrine and the home he shares with Patty Saotome Sensei.  As we walked, he pointed out how his “garden” has changed since […]

Perception and Injury, and the Martial Artist’s Road to Healing

Human perception is amazing. If a thumbtack got stuck in you, you would yelp and try to remove it. If you couldn’t remove it by any means, within a week you would grow to spend part of your day not thinking about the discomfort it causes you. Within a month, you would start permanently distorting […]