2013 Nidan Promotions

On December 30, 2013, three members of the Aikido Chuseikan community were tested in front of a panel of shihan (master instructors) and promoted to nidan (2nd degree black belt). Each expressed confidence, bearing, and their own personalities, and made our Dojo proud. The tremendous focus and preparation they undertook was clear in the quality […]

Photo Gallery: June 2 2013 Kyu Testing

[one_half][set_id=72157633916545860][/one_half][“one_half_last”] Photos from the June 2nd, 2013 white belt (kyu) testing at the Aikido Chuseikan Dojo.  All photos courtesy of Toivo Voll; larger versions of the photos are available at the photographer’s Flickr site (click on the images for gallery link). [/one_half_last]

Student Promotions

Congratulations to the following students, who tested for new Aikido rank and were promoted on June 2, 2013: Justin Ricke (6th kyu) Patrick Vincens (6th kyu) Jonathan Guevara (6th kyu) Tiago Dominguez (4th kyu) Ken Bedeker (3rd kyu) Alan Abelson (3rd kyu)