¿Que crea un increíble maestro de Aikido?

Recientemente, me propuse revisar algunos videos de lo que las personas parecen considerar como demostraciones “increíbles” de maestros de Aikido. Mi objetivo simplemente era observar que atributos tenían en común, que características inspiran a personas para consideran estos ejemplos de Aikido que sean considerados mejor que otros. Miré los videos, sin importar el estilo o […]

What Makes An Amazing Aikido Teacher?

Recently, I set out to review a lot of videos of what people seem to be holding up as “amazing aikido” teachers and demonstrations.  My goal was simply to observe what attributes they had in common, what characteristics inspired people to consider these examples of Aikido to be better than others.  I looked at videos […]

Saotome Sensei, And Getting Stuck On The Mountain

We’ve all heard training in a martial art compared to the metaphor of climbing a mountain.  The metaphor provides an inspiring and instructive image, but Saotome Sensei has some cautionary words about dangerous potential mental pitfalls it poses for teachers. The Mountain Metaphor The metaphor of “climbing a mountain” is one used in many martial arts.  It […]

Photo Gallery: June 2 2013 Kyu Testing

[one_half][set_id=72157633916545860][/one_half][“one_half_last”] Photos from the June 2nd, 2013 white belt (kyu) testing at the Aikido Chuseikan Dojo.  All photos courtesy of Toivo Voll; larger versions of the photos are available at the photographer’s Flickr site (click on the images for gallery link). [/one_half_last]