Tips for New Teachers

By Guy Hagen and Sharon Hainsfurther Maybe you’ve been there: Your teacher asks you to cover class, or to take a spot on the regular instruction schedule. You say yes – but then the flood of concerns hits: Who am I to teach? What do I possibly I have to offer? Your ego may be […]

“Martial Intent” Probably Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

I’ve trained in many martial arts and martial sports.  Countless times I heard various senseis tell us to “keep martial intent!”  While all arts and sports are designed to be practiced safely, our teachers often remind us that there is a very serious side to what we practice, and we are often reminded to keep […]

Thoughts on Being Martial

The concept of “being martial” has two components, the physical manifestation and the state of mind. To me it is more of a state of mind. This concept seems to evade a lot of non-competitive martial artists but is very prevalent in competition Karate. Your technique is predicated on the actions and position of your opponent. If […]