Student Retention Lessons from Behavioral Wellness Theory

One of the biggest problems that doctors have faced since the dawn of medicine has been “patient compliance” – encouraging patients to follow through with courses of treatment, medicine, physical therapy, and lifestyle change that the healthcare provider (and often the patients themselves) believe important for improving health.  We humans are lazy creatures of pattern […]

Ten Tips for Picking the Best Martial Art School

How do I Choose the Right Martial Art School for Me and My Family? You are about to make an important and lasting decision.  You intuitively understand that picking a martial art has more implications for long-term mental and physical health then just picking a gym or fitness activity. You probably don’t know much about […]

Photo Gallery: June 2 2013 Kyu Testing

[one_half][set_id=72157633916545860][/one_half][“one_half_last”] Photos from the June 2nd, 2013 white belt (kyu) testing at the Aikido Chuseikan Dojo.  All photos courtesy of Toivo Voll; larger versions of the photos are available at the photographer’s Flickr site (click on the images for gallery link). [/one_half_last]

Student Promotions

Congratulations to the following students, who tested for new Aikido rank and were promoted on June 2, 2013: Justin Ricke (6th kyu) Patrick Vincens (6th kyu) Jonathan Guevara (6th kyu) Tiago Dominguez (4th kyu) Ken Bedeker (3rd kyu) Alan Abelson (3rd kyu)

Open House Demonstration Video

Clips from the Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay Dojo “Open House” class and demonstration, with Sensei Guy Hagen, Sensei Don Ellingsworth, and Sensei Melissa Bell. The Aikido Chuseikan school is affiliated with the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and World Aikido Headquarters, and opened for adult and family martial arts instruction on March 9, 2013.

Photo Gallery: Dojo Dedication with Shihan John Messores

These are photos from the Dojo Dedication with Shihan John Messores.  Messores Sensei taught the official first class, helping to set the spirit and energy of the new Dojo.  The slider may take a little time to load – there are over three dozen, high quality photos! [nivoslider id=”485″]   All photos courtesy of Toivo […]

Open House Photos

Toivo Voll took some fantastic photos from our Open House on March 9th – be sure to check them out on our Facebook page our his Shadowfantasy gallery site! The following slideshow photos were provided courtesy of Davis Houdek. [nivoslider id=”595″]