“Martial Intent” Probably Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

I’ve trained in many martial arts and martial sports.  Countless times I heard various senseis tell us to “keep martial intent!”  While all arts and sports are designed to be practiced safely, our teachers often remind us that there is a very serious side to what we practice, and we are often reminded to keep […]

Saotome Sensei, And Getting Stuck On The Mountain

We’ve all heard training in a martial art compared to the metaphor of climbing a mountain.  The metaphor provides an inspiring and instructive image, but Saotome Sensei has some cautionary words about dangerous potential mental pitfalls it poses for teachers. The Mountain Metaphor The metaphor of “climbing a mountain” is one used in many martial arts.  It […]

Martial Arts, Martial Sports, and Martial Journeys

“Martial arts” is a generic tern, which in most peoples’ minds includes any kind of physical activity with elements of self-defense or prepares against some kind of physical violence.  However, I think it causes a lot of confusion to lump all systems, styles, and activities together, and in the end drives away potential students who cannot […]