Saotome Sensei and the Meaning of Ikkyo

At this year’s Winter Intensive training seminar in Florida, Saotome Sensei spoke a lot about the meaning of “ikkyo”. Ito illustrate, he shared a story about a time from when he was training with the Founder, O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba: O-Sensei would frequently say, ‘ikkyo whole life.’ Once, I responded, ‘Sensei – I already know ikkyo!’ […]

The Parable of Poison

The Parable of Poison is an old Taoist lesson that speaks to the heart of Aikido. Two brothers are farmers that have cultivated the land their whole lives.  One brother grows his crops to feed others and help his community.  The other brother grows plants in the pursuit of profit and riches, and secretly nurtures […]