This July 22 and 23, all ASU students preparing for their shodan, nidan, and sandan examinations are invited to join us for our eighth annual Yudansha Prep Workshop series. These Workshops have helped dozens of candidates have more confidence, build friendships with their testing peers, and to perform tests they were proud of. Participants will experience “test level” pressure in a safe feedback environment, and receive instruction on technical execution and composure. Participation is limited to members of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, and to the first 30 registrants ranked 2nd kyu and higher.

With over 75 combined years of Aikido experience, Senseis Guy Hagen, Don Ellingsworth and Melissa Bell are all members of the Ueshiba Juku. Full bios for each of the instructors can be found by following the links on their names.


I’ve attended several of these workshops and they have been an excellent format for focusing on the skills that I needed to demonstrate for my tests. You get feedback from multiple quality instructors and always have a few things to take home to work on, if not more. Even when I do not have a test coming up I make the time to attend, as the sessions are a great training opportunity. – Phil, Orlando

These workshops provide a forum to dig into details of testing that are not often found in regular dojo training, and give students the opportunity to learn and practice drills that build the foundational skills so important to a good test. During regular dojo training, classes often focus so much on training basic technique that the other things that make for an outstanding test are often overlooked: clarity of what should be demonstrated at different levels of testing; precision in following the test format; proper decorum during testing; and the subtle elements of waza that exhibit zanshin, proper use of distance and timing, and composure. I highly recommend that students preparing to test for ikkyu and above attend. – Chris, Oklahoma

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