The University of South Florida Aikido club has been an official student organization at USF since 1975, and is currently under the supervision of Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay.  Any regular or adult member of the Aikido Chuseikan Dojo can participate in USF Aikido classes with no additional mat or membership fee; however, the University itself may charge parking and facility visitor fees.  We offer two different membership options for university students:

  1. We offer a special Aikido Chuseikan for full-time university students.  This discounted rate offers all the benefits of a regular adult membership, including training in all classes at the Aikido Chuseikan Dojo and the USF Aikido club.
  2. We offer a special “USF Only” membership for USF students who wish to only train at the USF Aikido club.  This specially discounted membership does not include training at the Aikido Chuseikan dojo, although students under this membership program may pay Visitor’s mat fees when they visit.

A separate instruction and training schedule is maintained on the University of South Florida campus.  If you are interested in visiting the USF Aikido classes, please visit for schedule, location, and other information.