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Kenji Ushiro Shihan: We Must Think Like Thieves

Kenji Ushiro Shihan is one of the most preeminent instructors of Karate-do alive today. He holds the rank and titles of 8th dan / Hanshi of Soshinkan Karatedo, 7th dan / Kyoshi of Iaido in

Ten Tips for Softer Ukemi

If you look at old black-and-white video clips of the Founder, his students really took a lot of hard-style breakfalls.  Some of that ukemi was really impressive, but if one looks at those same students

Objects In Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

One of the great benefits of martial training is discovering a new internal strength, a redefining of who you are based on confidence and complete inner certainty of your ability to face challenges.  As you

The Secret Wisdom of Soap Bubbles

Back in the early nineties I spent a little time with a zazen study group, practicing and learning the art of Zen meditation.  I learned a lot, but one of the most valuable lessons I