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2017 Seminar: Sensei Tres Hofmeister

Please join us December 8-10 for a special seminar with Shihan Tres Hofmeister, 7th Dan Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. Sensei Hofmeister is one of the most senior instructors in the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. He  teaches

‘Train Through The Pain” Versus Using Your Brain

Finding the Willpower To Transcend Pain And Discomfort Is The First Key to Excellence There is a universal philosophy in martial arts, “train through the pain” (pain is just weakness leaving the body). I’ve trained

Tips for New Teachers

By Guy Hagen and Sharon Hainsfurther Maybe you’ve been there: Your teacher asks you to cover class, or to take a spot on the regular instruction schedule. You say yes – but then the flood

2017 ASU Yudansha Prep Workshop

This July 22 and 23, all ASU students preparing for their shodan, nidan, and sandan examinations are invited to join us for our eighth annual Yudansha Prep Workshop series. These Workshops have helped dozens of

Aikido Vs. MMA: The Unflinching Comparison

Recently, a fellow Aikido teacher shared a video with me of a YouTube commentator evaluating Aikido videos.  In general, this commentator expressed incredulity and disdain regarding what he saw of Aikido as a fighting art.  As

Saotome Sensei, And Getting Stuck On The Mountain

We’ve all heard training in a martial art compared to the metaphor of climbing a mountain.  The metaphor provides an inspiring and instructive image, but Saotome Sensei has some cautionary words about dangerous potential mental pitfalls it