“There are two type of ki: ordinary ki and true ki. Ordinary ki is coarse and heavy; true ki is light and versatile. In order to perform well, you have to liberate yourself from ordinary ki and permeate your organs with true ki. That is the basis of powerful technique.” – O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

I recently asked Saotome Sensei to explain his thoughts on these words from O Sensei.  He explained, “This is easy to understand. Take a sword, walk up and put it against a target.  You can push as hard as you want, maybe you will push the target over, but the sword will not go through it.  It is quite different if you draw the edge of the blade along the target, cutting using your whole body.  Then the sword will go through the target with little effort.”

Ukes: Don Ellingsworth, Guy Hagen

This article was drawn from instruction by Saotome Sensei on 12/11/2016, and interview following at his apartment.

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