The 15th annual ASU Regional Testing Seminar in Florida will be hosted in Tampa, Florida on August 10-11, 2019. We are inviting qualified ASU candidates for shodan, nidan, and sandan ranks to register and and test before a panel of qualified instructors and alongside their friends and peers. Instruction and testing will be led by senior ASU instructor John Messores and instructors from Florida ASU schools. The purpose of this event is primarily not create another seminar, but instead to create the first event of its kind dedicated to providing a consistent venue for ASU students from across the US to test in front of a qualified panel of instructors, and to foster inter-dojo friendships through the bonds forged from testing together.

This year we will also be inviting ASU yudansha who received in-house or by-recommendation promotions (including yondan+) to perform 3-minute demonstrations of their skill and ability.

If you are interested in testing, or if you are interested in performing a demonstration, please contact us at  For a printable copy of the flyer, click on the image below.

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