Martial Theory for Mindful Living.

Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay is Tampa’s most respected school for traditional Japanese martial arts. We offer experienced, safe, and serious instruction for men and women at all ages and levels including Aikido and Zen meditation. While we are serious about practical defense, our members are focused on cultivating mindfulness, composure, and calmness from martial training and using those lessons to create positive outcomes for every-day conflicts – at home, at work, and in society.

We are seeking thoughtful students who want more from their training than sport or violence. Discover fun, fitness, community and purpose that will change your life!  All new adult members receive a one-on-one introductory session with a black belt or instructor to introduce them to the etiquette, exercises, and rolls, and to ease them into the Dojo community and training environment.

COVID-19 Safety Is Important To Us.

We are working hard to protect the health of our members and students, while still providing channels for our community to stay connected, study, and grow, and to train at a level that is consistent with scientific guidelines and long-term, sustainable dojo training. We intend to maintain a long-term balance between supporting our members who wish to train conscientiously in the dojo, and those who want to keep a more conservative risk strategy by participating only remotely.

We are taking the pandemic seriously.  We have implemented the following extra precautions:

  • Sanitization station
  • Digital thermometer station
  • Contact logging (contact tracing journal)
  • Daily ozone-based industrial air and surface sterilization
  • Daily mat wet (mop) sterilization
  • HVAC peroxide/UV air sterilization – Air is sterilized during training (currently being installed)

Please take note of the current phased schedule and training plan, which supersedes our normal published schedules:

  • Phase 2 (Current): Limited in-dojo interactive training has resumed with heightened sanitation and disinfection protocols, required masks for all members, temperature checks, and all training restricted to non-contact interaction (such as weapons versus weapons) to maintain social distance. Zoom training classes will be led from the dojo and active members may participate live in the dojo during any class listed on our current schedule. Online/Zoom participation instructions are listed in the calendar details. In-dojo attendance is limited to 5 students or fewer.
  • Phase 3 (TBD): Long-term, in-dojo, hand-to-hand (direct contact) training resumes with special considerations for interpersonal-transmissibility reduction (such as masks and heightened disinfecting regimens). This will require stabilization/reduction of Hillsborough County COVID-19 infections and reduced pandemic alert status by local government bodies.


$ 99 Monthly
  • Registration Fee $99
  • Free Uniform
  • Unlimited classes
  • Ages 16+
  • No Contracts!


$ 99 Monthly
  • Registration Fee $99
  • Free uniform
  • Unlimited classes
  • Ages 6-16
  • No Contracts!


$ 40 Monthly
  • Great for members who cannot train frequently
  • 4 live classes/ month
  • Unlimited online (Zoom) classes
  • Ages 16+
  • No Contracts

Intro Class

$ 20
  • 1-on-1 introduction with an instructor
  • Discuss goals and health requirements
  • Basic terminology and exercises
  • Fee counts toward registration

Part-time supporting memberships and additional membership discounts are available for families, active students, active military and law enforcement personnel.  Please inquire for more details!

You Are Welcome Here.

No matter your race, color, gender, identity, religion, nationality, experience level, or age, you will find a new family here. The sign on our door says “All are welcome who enter with a respectful spirit and a desire to make a positive difference in the world.” We strive to create an environment where each member is recognized based on their personal growth, effort and contribution, and to foster a community that is inclusive and reflective of our diverse society. Your voice will be heard, you will be safe, you will be offered respect, and you will be given opportunity to learn and be promoted fairly and impartially.  We hope you will join our community and help make it stronger.