Personalized Introductory Session

Prospective students can sign up in advance for a special 1-on-1 introductory session with a black belt teacher.  Visitors will receive personal attention from an experienced Aikido practitioner or teacher, including a discussion of each individual’s background, health, and training goals.

The instructor will introduce the prospective student to everything they need to know to integrate and participate safely in Aikido training, including an introduction to some basic terminology, warmup exercises, Dojo etiquette, and a few basic falls so students can train safely in an Aikido environment.

Most importantly, the instructor will introduce the visitor to members of the Dojo and make them feel welcome and an invited part of the Dojo community!

If the visitor then chooses to become a full Dojo member, the introductory class fee will be applied toward their membership dues.

Introductory Session Signup

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