Gold Mountain Forge - Blade Hamon - Aikido TampaBlocking the Sword Draw - Tampa Martial Arts InstructionOpen House Demonstration - Tampa Martial Arts SchoolAikido Weapon Takeaway - TampaTeaching a Beginner to Throw Somebody Much Bigger - Aikido InstructionBig Aikido Throw - Aikido SchoolSaotome Sensei at the 2014 Dojo Dedication
Saotome Sensei and Don Ellingsworth
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Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay is Tampa's leading school for the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Discover fun, fitness, community, and purpose that will last a lifetime!


We are seeking serious and thoughtful students who want more from an art than sport or violence. Our school offers high-energy, meaningful, safe, certified and experienced instruction in Aikido for men and women at all ages and levels. Are you ready to change your life?